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Just give us a call on: Tel. 0 444 444 444.
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For customers who want to order from us by computer/online. Contact us so that we can send you the required password.

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Our people

“I drive for TAXI 444 because I find it suits me 100%. I'm a committed service provider.”

Anemarie Achermann

Our people

“My job as a switchboard operator brings me into contact with new people and their stories every day.”

Maria Cutino

Our people

“I find driving VIP taxis and the Limousine service really interesting. Then my language skills come in useful too.”

Rudolf Gartner

Our people

“The fully computerised way we deploy our taxi fleet impresses me every day. For me, being the team leader/switchboard operator is a personal challenge.”

Remo Schudel

Our people

“I like working the phones for TAXI 444 because we get the most orders and have the nicest customers.”

Damaris Senn

Our people

“I drive for TAXI 444 because we're a quality conscious team. The customers confirm that to me every day. I like it when my guests are satisfied when they get out. Then work is fun.”

Markus Walgis


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Order a taxi with our new app.

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Fare Calculator

This fare calculator helps you to work out prices for a journey from A to B in the city of Zurich.

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